Verify The Recall has reached its long awaited goal of publishing the searchable database containing the recently collected Wisconsin recall signatures. These signatures were collected and submitted to the Government Accountability Board to trigger a recall election of Wisconsin Governor Walker and four GOP Senators. This database is part of our initial promise in December 2011 to bring complete transparency to the recall. In addition, individual Wisconsinites who chose not to sign a recall petition, were empowered with the means to contest fraudulent signatures by referencing their own names and/or addresses within the database.

Without the dedication and support of our 17,000+ volunteers, this database would not be possible. This database is the culmination of thousands of hours spent laboring to decipher poor penmanship, illegible handwriting and many, many thousands of signature lines to enter. Completing this database, and keeping it online, is the best way we can say thank you to the volunteers and show our appreciation for their efforts.

The original round of petition data entry focused on transcribing the petition data exactly as written by the signors. The searchable database went through a “clean up” to correct misspellings, verify data matches and enter placeholders for missing information to increase the functionality of the search database. This searchable database is still being reviewed and corrected, which makes it very much a continuous work in progress.

For questions or comments, please contact us via email to verify@wigol.org

This project is a joint effort between the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and We the People of the Republic.

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